Retro Kiln Craft

The first piece of Kiln Craft I came across was a lovely chocolate brown side plate in a pattern called Hermes. It was fun and retro, giving any of the bland dishes today a kick in the pants! Would you believe I walked away? I did, but this was before my growing appreciation of the orange- brown combination. You can’t deny that it does make a statement! I found these plates on Etsy and I don’t think they could represent the 1970s more perfectly.

I learned my lesson and I learned it quick, so when I stumbled upon these Kiln Craft bowls I snatched them up! These bowls are in the Bacchus pattern, and I love the soft buttery hue contrasted with the bold and sunny pattern.



Kiln Craft was a line of dinnerware introduced in 1972 in several different patterns- all modern, stylish and durable. And how can you not love that logo!

Manufactured in Staffordshire, England, an area known for it’s potteries, these dishes are easier to find in the UK, but can also be found online (yay internet!) and occasionally at garage sales and thrift stores.

A quick google search will turn up a lot of Bacchus, which was a big seller in the 1970s, but there were other patterns that have the same fresh and fun appeal:

Kiln Craft3 Collage.png

1) Kiln Craft Bramble Mugs

2) Kiln Craft Milk Jug

3) Kiln Craft ‘Hermes’ Mugs

4) Kiln Craft Retro Floral Mugs

5) Kiln Craft ‘Bracchus’ Coffee Pot

6) Kiln Craft Canister Set

7) Kiln Craft Floral Side Plates

8) Kiln Craft Bird Mugs

9) Kiln Craft Copper Mug

So if you’re looking to punch up your dining or coffee time, Kiln Craft might be a fun solution!

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2 thoughts on “Retro Kiln Craft

  1. I really like unique items that have character! We recently got a new coffee table that has a little bear cub as the base. I thought the article was informing and also had a fun vibe. (Sorry I commented here instead of the community pool, I’m on my phone and it was being weird going back)

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