Seattle World’s Fair, 1962

I love Seattle and I love the 1960s, so to combine the two into one bright and atomic celebration would have been dazzling!

I was born too late, but there are still ways to enjoy this piece of Seattle history.

– Go to the Space Needle! Everything about this monument screams Mid-Century, from it’s futuristic message to it’s sleek and narrow profile.


I did.


Only I sat backwards in the revolving restaurant and was sick for two hours afterwards. Pre-motion sickness was romantic, delicious and a little taste of history! Worth it.

– You can also own a piece of vintage Seattle!


I picked these beauties up at an estate sale, nuzzling and petting them all the way home. Love the retro colours, tall narrow profile and striking etchings of Seattle landmarks.

I found some other pieces of 1962 Seattle on Etsy as well, but I will add- it wasn’t easy! Where is it all? I thought these three items were fun and would give you a taste of Seattle in Don Draper’s day. Yes, I dropped the D word, and it’s been done too much, but I swear he’s in that vintage poster- wining and dining some poor woman in the revolving restaurant! And of course she’s ravishing and not sick at all.


1) Seattle World’s Fair Poster

2) Seattle World’s Fair Button

3) Seattle World’s Fair Decanter


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