Cocktail Season Preparedness 101

It’s here! Cocktail season, otherwise known as Fall/ Winter (and sometimes Spring and Summer, let’s be honest). Cozy times are about to happen and bar carts must be stocked.

What’s needed? Start with an area, any area. It doesn’t have to be a bar cart! Use a bookshelf, credenza, side table, the empty corner of your counter that’s looking lonely- whatever you have will do the trick!

It’s nice to add some character with your choice of barware. I’ve been stocking the shop with Mid Century decanter sets, vintage wine glasses, coupes, cocktail pitchers and shot glasses! Here are a few samples to whet your appetite:

Don’t forget the ice bucket! In a world of automatic ice makers in fridges, it’s still so much more fun to snag a cube from a retro bucket 🙂

Last thing to add to your blossoming home bar are all the fun extras: trays, bar tools, shakers and more!

Next post: recipes! Stay tuned 🙂